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Sun & Seed – Organic Hulled Hemp Seeds 250gr


A precious source of proteins, Omega 3 and Omega 6!

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The sweet, nutty flavour of the  finest-quality European hemp seeds is a delicious way to increase your protein.

Add them to your daily diet and increase your well-being.

Without their shells and packed full of nutrients, they are all ready for you to sprinkle onto your breakfast, salads, baking and wraps.

All our Sun & Seed goodies are ethically sourced, certified organic and 100% pure.

Every tiny seed is the best it could be.

Top tip: add them to your tabbouleh for extra protein.

Nutritional Information per 100g

Energy                              2392kJ / 576kcal

Fat                                     43.70g

of which saturates          4.52g

monounsaturates            4.29g

polyunsaturates               34.89g

Carbohydrate                   10.34g

of which Sugars                1.30g

Fibre                                   6.0g

Protein                               32.44g

Salt                                      0.0g

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