Is CBD legal?

Yes it is, but to be legal it has to contain 0,2% of THC or less. Our products contain only the 0,2% THC or less. Learn more about what CBD here.

Is CBD oil safe?

Generally is very well tolerated, but somebody could experience some side effects like dry mouth and nausea. You have to be careful especially if you are taking other medications that could interact with it, leaving a 2/4 hours gap between CBD oil and medications assumption. You can find more detailed info here:

You can also speak to your doctor for more info.

Does CBD make me high?

No, it doesn’t make you high.

How can I take CBD?

How can I take CBD?

There are different ways you can take CBD, each way has its own advantages. You can ingest it, inhale it, putting on your skin as a cream and under your toungue as an oil. Let’s see the differences:

Ingestion: You can swallow CBD or infuse it in your food. It’s good for those who want to add CBD to their daily routine. In this way you will feel the CBD effects coming with the digestion, but it will last more in your body.

Inhalation: CBD is taken in through the lungs via a vape or CBD buds. This method ensures fast relief and high absorption but it lasts in the body less time than ingesting it.

Sublingual administration: You should put some drops under your tongue so CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream.You will feel the effects faster than ingesting it and it will also stay for long. Probably the most effective way if you want to add CBD to your daily routine.

Topically: CBD is absorbed through the skin via salves and creams. This method is the best way to target specific areas of your body, particularly those that are painful or inflamed.

What's the CBD oil dosage?

Everyone is different so the dosage is personal. You can follow the directions of the companies that make the products or you can follow a general guide line in which you start the first week with one drop 2/3 times a day and then increase slowly the weeks after until you find your right dosage. Here at Hempthusiasm we also sell some books that can be very helpful for this purpose.

Can I travel with CBD?

Even if CBD is legal in most European Union countries, we recommend caution when travelling with it because sometimes the airport staff couldn’t know that CBD is legal and seize it.
It is your decision and responsibility if you choose to travel with CBD products (for sure you should avoid to take the CBD flowers with you).
It’s strongly recommended not to travel with CBD outside the EU.

Are the products you sell for medical use?

No and also we are not physicians. The CBD is a food supplement, so we suggest to ask for advice to your physician and to search for articles about it on trusted websites. We also sell books on this topic that can be very helpful.

Is the shipping free?

Yes, the shipping is free if you spend £15 or more. If you place an order from Monday to Friday before 13.30 your order will be dispatched the same day. If you order after 13.30 the order will be dispatched the day after. If you order on Saturday and Sunday your order will be dispatched on Monday. We offer the Royal Mail Signed for® 2nd Class as mail service and it takes 2-3 working days.

Do you ship to all Europe?

No, we ship only to UK for now.

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