Hempthusiasm is not a random name; I have chosen it because it reflects the feeling I have towards the introduction of the hemp in my life. CBD made a significant change in my health. I suffer of adenomiosis which is a very painful condition. I used to work as chef and certain days I found going to work very challenging because of this disease. Before discovering legal Cannabis I took a lot of painkillers that caused me lots of gastric problems, now I have reduced them drastically thanks to it.

I also feel much better with my mood and my skin, my hair is benefiting from that too. This is my personal experience and please take it for what it is because everybody is different. This positive experience drove me to start a business based on hemp based products. I hope that one day there will be much more knowledge about this wonderful plant and its benefits.

I think that a health revolution has just started and I want to be part of it. Hemp is helping people with different ailments: anxiety, insomnia, different kinds of pain, epilepsy etc. etc. It’s amazing, isn’t it?

My mission is to offer quality so, after long researches, I have chosen to sell only CBD and hemp products that I consider the best in the european market. You’ll also find on sale some books on this topic because information and knowledge are very important aspects to me.