Prawn skewers and wasabi mayo

Prawn skewers breaded with hemp seeds

Hello my lovely readers, I’m really enjoying using hemp seeds in my cuisine, so here’s another recipe in which you can use them. The recipe is prawn skewers breaded with hemp seeds and wasabi mayo. It is very tasty and easy to do and it has lots of nutritional properties.

I suggest to cook it for a dinner with friends or for your beloved one, this recipe can really impress them.

Let’s see together how to prepare it.

Difficulty: Easy

Time: 40 mins

For 4 people

For 8 skewers:

24 prawns

3-4 spoons of hemp seeds

3-4 spoons of bread crumbs

2 eggs

100 gr of plain flour

vegetable oil


black pepper

For the wasabi mayo:

2 egg yolks

wasabi paste

vegetable oil

juice from half a lemon


To garnish:

Your favorite cress.


Take 3 containers to make a crusty breading. Fill the first container with the plain flour; the second with two eggs and shake them with a fork; for the third add the bread crumbs and mix with the hemp seeds.

Now take the prawns and proceed with this order: put them in the flour first, then soak them in the eggs and last, bread them in the mix of crumbs and hemp seeds.

Go with this order until the last prawn, you can take more prawns at once to speed up the process.

Turn on the oven at 180 degrees of temperature. Place two or three prawns on a skewer.

Put the skewers on a tray with baking paper and pour some vegetable oil on them.

Bake them for 10 minutes.

In the meanwhile prepare the wasabi mayo. If you don’t have a robot you can use a simple whisk. Place two egg yolks and while you’re whisking them pour the vegetable oil very slowly.

When the emulsion starts to have a mayo appearance start to add the lemon juice, alternating it with the oil. Add the quantity of wasabi you like and then add salt, whisk until it has the right consistency.

When the prawn skewers are ready (they should have a nice golden color) serve  them on a plate or bowl with the wasabi mayo.

Garnish with your favorite cress. So the prawn skewers breaded with hemp seeds and wasabi mayo are ready to serve. Yummy!

Buon appetito amici!


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