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British people still confused about CBD

British people are still confused about CBD; that’s what a new survey conducted by Vape UK CBD says. The company says that every week answers to people that ask if CBD is legal, addictive or if it gets you high. To understand at which level of knowledge people are, they launched this survey interviewing 2000 individuals.

22% of interviewed people think that CBD is addictive and 14% believe that makes you high. Only 19% of respondents correctly identified that CBD is a compound of the cannabis.

15% of people think that CBD is a recreational drug and 7% believes that it gives munchies. That suggests that people are still confusing CBD with THC (TCH is the compound that makes you high and gives you munchies…). 22% believe that CBD is illegal and addictive.

68% declared that CBD has benefits on health (and that’s a good news) and 59% believe that it can help with medical conditions. 71% of people believe that CBD can provide pain relief and 61% that it can  can help with anxiety issues. Instead 48% said to feel confused and not sure in considering CBD as a medication.

Mr Webster, the spokesman of the company, said that the researches over cannabis potential, and especially on the cannabinoids like CBD, were obstructed by sociopolitical factors. The stigma and the prejudices have terribly slowed down the scientific studies and now we need more empiric proofs on the Cannabis’ benefits. The results of this study show that lot of people in UK are still misinformed and that they still confuse CBD with THC. Fortunately it also shows that people believe in the CBD’s health benefits.

Cannabis industry is growing and people need more researches to know about CBD so they can make the right choices for their health conditions.



Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash
Photo by Arek Socha on Pixabay

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