Cannabis and Yoga: two perfect allies for relaxation

Yoga is becoming more and more a choice from people who need to relax. What about adding Cannabis to enrich this practice?

It seems that cannabis and yoga actually have a long story together. One of the path to the enlightenment according to Patanjali – the author of Yoga Sutra, father of the modern yoga – is the use of certain herbs. It’s not sure that it he was referring to cannabis, but lots of  historians think that it is very likely.

Also in Hinduism, Aryan priests in India revered Shiva with a sacred cannabis elixir, named “Bhang” and they’re keeping this ritual alive  nowadays.

Currently  a woman, Dee Dussault, has started a movement that combines yoga with cannabis. She has named it Ganja Yoga and this year is the 10th anniversary.

Dee started micro-dosing cannabis to find the right dosage  for her yoga practice. She understood that it was therapeutic for her mind and it also gave her great tranquility while meditating. So she began her Ganja Yoga classes and during the years she also wrote a book about it.

Different studies showed that yoga improves muscular strength and flexibility, respiratory and cardiovascular functions and also reduces stress and anxiety.

The latest study from 2018 sais that yoga regulates the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal (HPA) axis and our sympathetic nervous system. This help reducing the impact of excessive stress and anxiety.

Yoga has on itself lots of health benefits; what happens if we add for example CBD to this great practice?

It can give you more relaxation

Many people practice yoga not only to stretch their muscles but also to get relaxation. Some studies found that some cannabinoids like CBD help not only to reduce anxiety but also to relax the muscles feeling less pain. In this way you can focus better on your yoga practice and unlocking the tensions.

You can feel more involved

Yoga and other oriental practices teach us to live the present moment, focusing on our breathing.

Yogis, with the help of cannabis, feel more involved while they are practicing with less mind chatter and less self judgement. Feeling good with themselves become the primary goal instead of getting a perfect posture. In this way the experience is deeper.

So summarizing: yoga alone has different benefits for body and mind and it is scientifically proven. Not only it improves muscles relaxation and circulation but it helps to create positive thoughts. Adding CBD to yoga means that these effects can be enhanced. Cannabis can also help you letting go and feeling more comfortable with yourself. Being less auto-judgmental means being happier.

I’m thinking to try this winning combination soon: what about you?

Photo of Gary Skirrow by Pixabay

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